OHLALA! is a PR, Influence and Social Media agency specialized in beauty

OHLALA! is now part of Les Influenceurs, the RP & Social Media agency of Repeat Group

And becomes a UNIQUE BEAUTY agency capable of offering all communication professions

We help brands gain maximum visibility in the media and social network,

in a coordinated manner, by combining our expertise in journalism, influencers, content creation and data.

The aim is to gain maximum awareness and appeal for your brand by showcasing its strengths and diversities.

Our expertise


By combining the expertise of Repeat Group and Ohlala!, we have become the 1st beauty communication agency to offer all the communication services.

Brand content

Media relations

Electronic PR influencers



Media Events

Media planning
Purchase of advertising spaces
Marketing mobile

DATA analysis

Digital Media

PR and general Influence

Content creation

A unique approach


We have combined our experts in Beauty and Media to multiply tenfold the resources at your disposal for your Influence and Awareness

Optimize Influence in order to
increase the Awareness

Optimize Influence in order to increase Awareness

Our strengths are based on 5 key factors

  1. A team of experts in BEAUTY and MEDIA with extensive experience in PR, Influence and Social Media (Cosmetics, Care, Hair, Make-up, Perfumes, SPA).
  2. Effective tools for maximizing the benefits of new technologies ( Data, Social Listening, Influencers...) combined with creative skills for a UNIQUE METHOD.
  3. A perfect understanding and excellent relationship with journalists and influencers in the beauty industry.
  4. A robust strategic planning to design Brand Content, language and components to be conveyed through the media.
  5. A genuine understanding of the product, Brand Content and Brand Image to design communication strategies that are different and effective and which are in line with your industry.

Develop Communication Strategies
innovative and customized

Define innovative and customized Communication and Influence Strategies

Our 20 years of experience in marketing and communication in the beauty industry means we can quickly understand your brand's DNA and its added value. We are also able to design effective and distinctive Communication Strategies that suit you by blending content, personal relationships, DATA and cutting-edge media expertise.

These creative and skillful strategies can be customized to match your resources. In addition, they are implemented seamlessly across all media: offline, Web, Social Media and Influencers (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, Vlogs).

This dynamic approach of influencing and PR is also possible because of the fact that all the agency's "professional experts" in the BEAUTY industry work hand in hand under one roof to promote your brand.

Use DATA to improve
communication with your customers

Harness consumer knowledge using DATA

We leverage all the new technologies at our disposal to understand consumer behavior and the trends in their patterns. We therefore adapt communication methods for more effective strategic decisions.

All the DATA available are processed using our research and tools to provide the necessary insight for our " professional experts " in their daily interaction with our brands.
As a result, the insights gained can be used :

  • to design the creation of content so that it is more targeted and relevant.
  • to guide the choice of media in order to increase visibility



20 years of PR Expertise and Influence in the Beauty Industry

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